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Technology Incubator West Houston is set up to help entrepreneurial talent on the west side of Houston, the greater Katy area.  We have an experienced advisory board and access to a network of investors, industry experts, and community resources. Our mission is to bring resources and talent together to help successfully launch new businesses and facilitate growth in the West Houston / greater Katy area.    

Our status is now non-profit, our focus is on education, and enabling business owners and startups to bring their ideas successfully to market, whether based on emerging technologies or refinements of technologies that are in common use.  

For physical space we have relationships with a select few organizations and locations in the Katy Area, including educational facilities, medical institutions and office and warehouse space.   

Board of Directors: 

  Zachariah R. Bell 


has 20 years of broad-based experience in technology development and financing re-lated industries. Mr. Bell began his technology career at the United States Naval Academy, where he graduated in 1989 with a BS in Naval Engineering. During assignments as a carrier pilot and overseas intelli-gence officer he completed one year of MS studies in International Law and Diplomacy through the Fletcher School at Tufts University, as well as advanced language training in Russian, Japanese, French and Spanish. Since leaving the Navy in 1994 Zach has worked extensively in the fields of Venture Capital, Real Estate Development and Technology Ventures. He received his MBA—Entrepreneurship in 1997 from the University of Miami, his MSIE—Management of Technology in 1998, and is currently researching and publish-ing in the fields of TECHNOLOGY VENTURING, CREATIVITY and INNOVATION.   


Lance Lacour     

Twitter|LinkedIn|E-Mail: lancelacour [at] katyedc [dot] org    

Lance LaCour – Chairman of Technology Center West Houston and President & CEO of the Katy Area Economic Development Council (Katy Area  EDC), the private, non-profit, multi-county economic development corporation for the Katy Area.  LaCour is responsible for leadership and management of the EDC which includes business recruitment, business expansion and retention, business infrastructure development, and new company formation.  Having helped start-up and manage two business incubators in the Alabama and Mississippi in previous jobs, LaCour is no stranger to helping start-up and technology businesses.  Prior to joining Katy Area EDC, LaCour helped start-up and manage a Venture Capital Network and a $250,000 small business revolving loan fund.  He also has experience with CAPCO funding programs.  LaCour holds an M.S. in Economic Development from the University of Southern Mississippi and is a graduate of the Economic Development Institute of the University of Oklahoma.  He is an avid saltwater angler and a Racquetball Ambassador for Wilson Sporting Goods.    








 Cliff Simpson is one of the founding directors of Phillips & Rieter LLC  law firm.    

Cliff has provided senior legal executive experience to dozens of growing companies in the Houston area and around the country.  He enjoys bringing the experience of consultative, proactive legal counsel to companies who have not traditionally had access to such resources.   

Prior to joining Phillips & Reiter, Cliff served as Managing Attorney, Intellectual Property and Licensing at Reliant Resources, Inc., one of the nation’s largest integrated merchant energy providers.   

Cliff was the Group Counsel for the Consumer Products Group at Compaq Computer Corporation, where he served as the primary legal counselor for Compaq’s $5 billion consumer PC division, including inbound and out-bound patent licensing programs. Also while at Compaq, he served as Division Counsel for the North America Sales and Marketing Division and responsible for legal issues involving sales and distribution strategies and relationships.   


Tom Kraft    

 LinkedIn|E-Mail: Tkraft [at] houstontech [dot] org   

Past President   –  Advisory Director    

Dr. Kraft is the Director of Technology Ventures Development for Rice Alliance.  He is a native Californian, having graduated from UCLA with a mechanical engineering degree and an MBA from the Anderson School. After teaching at UCLA and research in biophysics, Dr.Kraft completed a Masters program in mathematical statistics from Stanford University. After a brief period of research into control systems and working on the initial design of the NASA’s Mission Control Center, he came to Houston to build that control center for the lunar flights. This experience was followed by a doctoral program at Rice in Electrical Enginering and math. Dr. Kraft founded several companies , one of which developed and commercialized medical and clinical devices in microbiology, immunology, hematology, and clinical chemistry. This covered a period of four decades and is reflected in numerous commercial successes and 19 patents. Dr.Kraft also played a lead role in accelerating technology startups, principally in biosciences and bioengineering as well as space and other base technologies for the Houston Technology Center.   Prior to joining the Houston Technology Center, Dr.Kraft was a principal designer and consultant for an automated drug packaging and and dispensing system for acute and sub acute patients. In addition to teaching at UCLA, Dr.Kraft was as adjunct Professor of Math for HCC and a visiting lecturer on creativity. At the Houston Technology Center, .     


 Jeff Linder    

Twitter|LinkedIn|E-Mail: jlinder[at] jbma-inc[dot]com   

Jeff Linder, founder of JBMA, Inc., has an accomplished career in marketing management and producing media and advertising. He has an MBA in Marketing from the  McCombs School of Business, along with an M.A. in Communications Technologies at the University of Texas College of Radio/TV/Film. Over the years he has overseen the marketing, advertising, and public relations efforts of a full range of businesses, from Fortune 500 companies to entrepreneurial startups. He headed the marketing programs for a high-growth computer network services company in the 90’s headquartered in Houston, doubling each year in employees and revenue.  He helped guide the branding and marketing for a new division of Sprint in the early 2000’s.  Mr. Linder’s agency has had clients in medical, consumer, energy, law, technology and many other industries.Mr. Linder has planned and managed many programs and budgets, and uses tools and processes that have proven successful in large companies and adapted them for new media used by small and medium-sized companies in a variety of industries.    


Bruce Reichstein    

Twitter|LinkedIn|E-Mail: br [at] westboundbancshares[dot]com   


As a Katy businessperson, Bruce Reichstein wants to share his business knowledge and experiences in order to assist others.  That is one reason he became a Director in TCWH.  Reichstein graduated with a BBA in Marketing from the University of Texas, McCombs School of Business.  He has been in the Mortgage Banking Business for over 20 years where he serves as President of Texcorp Mortgage Bankers, Inc.  In early 2007, Mr. Reichstein was instrumental in organizing and forming the first Katy domiciled bank, Westbound Bank, where he currently serves as Chairman.  He has been a partner in several start-up website ventures over the past few years and has successfully purchased and sold website properties.  He has an extensive referral network bringing banking, mortgage banking, web based companies and entrepreneurs together for win /win relationships.


Jerald Reichstein

Jerald’s career dates back to the early days of the personal computer. During his 25 years at Archimage, he helped transform the company from a small architectural design firm into an interactive design leader. Jerald’s work has received numerous industry design awards and was featured in many publications over the years. In 1995, he was recognized as one of the 50 most outstanding graduates in the history of the UH College of Architecture.

Jerald has personally directed design, animation, and interactive media projects for Fortune 500 companies and world-renowned medical institutions, including Baylor College of Medicine, USDA, University of Texas Health Science Center, Time Warner Communications, Compaq, and the National Institutes of Health. His vision and leadership are behind the creation of several successful web startups, including Playnormous, Collectica, and Military Connections. 




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